OCR Capital arranges loan packages through Traditional Institutional Funding, HARD Money, or with Private Money resources. 

Loans size ranges from $250K to $10 Million
for the following:

  • Mixed-Use properties
  • Apartment House financing
  • Day Care Centers
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Owner operated/occupied properties
  • Special Use Properties
  • Gas Stations
  • Convenience Stores
  • Industrial Condominiums
  • Hard Money
  • Private Money
  • Apartment Buildings (5+units) 
  • Industrial Buildings and Warehouses
  • Mobile Home Parks and Trailer Parks
  • Mini-Warehouse (Self Storage)
  • Mixed Use Properties

HARD MONEY / PRIVATE MONEY - Financing based on hard value of subject property; not on credit scores.

PURCHASE ORDER FINANCING, FACTORING -  An option when cash is needed in advance of production. 
Funds are advanced on the basis of your client's financial strength.

Tell us the Story about your project.
" ... because 'Your story' is a Commercial 
Funding Necessity ! "

In today's volatile environment, one of the most important components in your effort to seek financing for a commercial property is "the story".

Unlike the residential market where credit score, ability to pay and financial stability are benchmarks for the loan, the commercial loan effort is far more complex.

A good business plan, with pro formas, or historicals when refinancing, make for compelling exhibits of the passion and dream you have for your project supported by "make sense" financials.

Any funder, both institutional or private lenders seek the same information. 

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Checklist for Commercial Loans

_____ Federal personal tax returns for 2014/2015 (all schedules)
_____ Personal Financial Statement, signed 
_____ 1003  Application
_____ Original articles of incorporation (copy)
_____ Two (2) forms of identification (copy for all borrowers)
_____ Use of funds letter
_____ Executive summary/Business Plan
_____ Rent roll and leases (if applicable)
_____ RE owned Schedule (if borrower owns more than one property)
_____ Income and expense statement on subject property
_____ Photos of property (appraisal or BPO, if available)
_____ Resume' on all principle borrowers
_____ Current mortgage statement or payoff amount (if applicable)
_____ Purchase and sales agreement (if applicable)
_____ Tri-merge credit report with scores 
_____ Copy of business license (if applicable)
_____ Tax ID number (if applicable)